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Parkside Consultants llc effectively coaches groups and individuals concerning various aspects of continuous improvement, development of skills, and career and performance issues. We are adept at confidentially supporting personal needs to identify objectives, action plans and goals in both formal and informal settings.
The Parkside Consultants llc team has comprehensive experience in: Talent Management, Compensation, Benefits, Employee Development, Training, and Employee Relations; as well as extensive practice in Labor Relations, Labor Affairs, Human Resources Material Development and Training, Equal Employment Planning, and Diversity/Inclusion instruction.
We also proficiently manage oral and written communications with state and federal agencies, charged with upholding laws against employment discrimination.
Career Coaching is offered that helps the client identify viable courses of action from which concrete objectives for current and/or long term career goals can be set, based on: talent, education, ambition and personality.
Life Coaching offers insight; awareness and encouragement that motivates the client to identify/define obstacles and challenges that tend to paralyze definitive action in professional and personal life issues and transitions.
Executive/Leadership Coaching addresses rapidly changing and complex organizational challenges; coaching can facilitate achievement of professional objectives that reap significant benefits for the organization and the decision-maker, as well.
We provide temporary staffing to address occasional needs for specialized services and/or training, such as:
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Diversity/ Inclusiveness 
  • Contract Issues 
  • Employee Interviews and Investigations – *Including Resolution Recommendaions
Parkside Consultants llc edit and clarify personal and business communications, and oversee oral and written communications with state and federal agencies in charges of employment discrimination.
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